Hi there,

Iā€™m Nia and I do multiple things.

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Passionate about software development since forever.

My experience stems from great personal interest in everything engineering/computer related since childhood. I have been programming as a pastime since 2013. My aspiration is basically to know everything.

Frontend ā˜…
UI/UX Design
Backend ā˜…
Mechanical Eng.

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What I've been up to.

  • Nia's Portfolio

    Nia's Portfolio

    This website! I built it with SvelteKit and TailwindCSS.

  • Gymhaan Tutoring Website

    Gymhaan Tutoring Website

    A full-stack project for my school to help connect students with tutors. Built with React and Next.js

  • Soccerbot at Bohlebots

    Soccerbot at Bohlebots

    A semi autonomous soccer robot built with Rust and C. Took part in the RoboCup Junior Germany competition in 2022

  • Monster Price Scraping

    Monster Price Scraping

    A series of webscrapers and a mobile app to help me find the best deals on Monster Energy drinks. Built with Rust and Flutter.

  • Check out my GitHub for more.